Experience GRiT’s new NeK-1 Wired earphone system.  Part of the ROX series, these metal bodied earphones are dynamic driver equipped and provide deep, powerful bass, precise, warm mid-range, and just the right level of high frequencies and clarity for today’s popular music. Working with any 3.5mm audio jack equipped media or communication device, its dual mics are optimized for its built-in stereo AMBi technology, giving you the power and control to be engaged  in all life’s sounds, as you see fit.

Experience “Audio in Concert”

$119.99 msrp

Available Color: Titanium













Freedom to Empower Your Ears

The NeK-1 earphone system is truly a revolutionary and sophisticated rethink of modern earphones and headphones. This system just makes sense in so many ways, people’s reactions have been to ask why this wasn’t done before. That is what true innovation brings. When done well, it just makes sense and seems so intuitive and obvious. NeK takes the best of the GeM line and builds on it to provide a autonomous headset system that offers the excellent audio you demand of any audio headphone, in a choker necklace configuration that looks and feels like it belongs around your neck, rather than some gadget best hidden in your pocket. The thumb operated controls are conveniently located on the backside of the pendent where they are easily accessible for the user, but hidden from view. You can even tuck it under your collar if you wish it to be even further hidden from view.

The NeK-1 Wired is the first active stereo ambient audio headset. Attractive enough to flaunt if you want, and small enough to quickly hide under a collar if subtlety is more appropriate. Wear it all day, every day, and it can become part of your normal attire, much like a fine watch. Even when the not using it, you can leave it in full view or tucked under your shirt. Of course you can always remove it and that could not be any easier thanks to our proprietary, and again revolutionary, magnetic necklace clasp. It is self-locating, self-locking with safety break-away, and is also your recharging cable with built-in USB connector. No separate cable, or charger for that matter, is required! Simply plug it into any available USB port in your home, office and car to recharge!

As with all GRiT earphones, The NeK-1 Wired system is centered around our AMBi technology which in this system is completely Built-In. No APPs required. Everything you need (other than your favorite audio!) is on-board, and your ambient sound is delivered in true stereo. The audio quality is equal to or better than any high quality earphones on the market, and layer in stereo ambient sound of equal quality, at the level you select. You control the balance between your audio and ambient sound levels to  fit what you deem best for whatever situation you find yourself in.  This is why we call it Ambient and Audio in Concert as it is essentially like being in a concert where you are the mixer who independently controls the volume level of the crowd and the band. Freedom to Empower Your Ears, and enjoy your audio in your activities!

For the Urban Guerrilla in all of us, the ROX version of NeK-1 Dynamic is ready to work for and with you through most any of life’s everyday activities.  From working out at the gym, toiling at the office, commuting, cleaning house, making dinner, attending to kids, or just hanging out at home or with friends on the ski slope. You can now do it all, possibly even better, and not miss a beat in your music, or your activity!

NeK-1 Features

The NeK-1 Wired earphone system was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s ever more mobile technology and fast moving society that demands to be connected all the time.  The features of the system were arrived at through repeated use of earphones in just about every common, everyday activity.  Those pet peeves and annoyances that people deal with everyday were considered before arriving at the NeK-1 design.  While it would be nice to think that no compromises were made, nothing is perfect, BUT, we are confident that the NeK-1 system will set a new standard for what are considered to be excellent earphones for today’s technology and lifestyles. Excellence in audio quality, comfort, appearance, and of course, ambient awareness.


Dual Omnidirectional Mics

NeK-1 earphones are the first and only ones designed from the outset to produce high performance stereo ambient hearing capability. The dual omnidirectional mics provide maximum ambient sound coverage and spatial perception.

The type of condenser mics used are excellent at reproducing clear, natural sound, from very low on up to very high ambient sound levels. The enclosures for these mics are proprietary designs that minimize extraneous noises from wind and cable friction. These same mics also provide excellent mobile phone communication. So staying connected to both your digital and real worlds has never been so natural.


AMBi Technology - in Stereo

AMBi Technology - Built-In is the combination of software and hardware that makes NeK-1 shine as the benchmark for all ambient awareness earphones.  From connecting in stereo with your surroundings to listening to high quality audio, AMBi is a critical piece of the puzzle that is our modern life.

It frees you to go and do what you want and need to do without having to choose between connecting to your real or digital worlds. AMBi APPS make it possible to combine the two as you see fit, creating the balance you need. Life’s sounds are all around, so why not make it all own “Audio in Concert”.

Now that is empowering!


Precision Dynamic Drivers

Much of today’s music emphasizes a powerful, bottom end beat that to experience fully, you need to feel almost as much as hear. Our precision dynamic drivers are tuned especially to meet this desire, and do so across the entire volume range, so you can feel the sound... and without having to raise the volume to uncomfortable levels.

Don’t be fooled by their small size, these neodymium moving coil drivers are the evolution of decades of driver development.  Coupled with the GeM-1 housing design, they deliver sound quality & quantity that you would normally expect from much larger units. 

Smooth, clear power!


Multi-Function NeK Clasp

The proprietary NeK clasp is a truly innovative solution to a combination of problems, some being unique to the NeK earphone, and others more universal. Utilizing a combination of wiring, PCBs, magnets and precision overmolded TPE, the self-locating clasp provides secure retention of the necklace cables along with a break-away safety release should it get caught or pulled on in an unsafe manner.

The bottom half of the clasp is also an integrated “slim” USB type A connector! This allows the necklace to also function as your charging cable, compatible with just about any standard USB port.  And this is just the beginning for it!


Pendent – Controls

All controls and lamp face backwards towards the wearer’s body which leaves the front side as a clean and attractive design that has more in common with jewelry, much like a watch does for the wrist.  The buttons can be easily depressed with one’s thumb by pinching the pendent.  In addition to the Power button, the AMBi button allows for easy scrolling through 4 preset AMBi ambient volume settings.

The first is essentially an off  position and lets the earphones operate like any other excellent noise isolating model. The 2nd volume setting creates an ambient sound level quieter than natural, the 3rd slightly louder than natural, and the 4th is yet another step louder.  This range allows a comfortable and effective listening level in just about any situation you may find yourself in. See owner’s manual for more information.


Cables - Critical Link

The proprietary cables used in all GRiT earphones are at the cutting edge of micro cable technology. They transmit interference-free, reliable audio, communication, ambient and even power through a sophisticated assembly of multi-stranded copper cores and shielding. Reinforced with kevlar cording and jacketed with tough but flexible TPE, these cables are far more supple than most other audio cables, but give up nothing in strength or dependability. This high flexibility allows it to drape naturally around your neck and shoulders and the hypoallergenic satin surface feels just right against the skin.


Respect Ear Canal’s Geometry

The proprietary geometry developed by GRiT positions the axis of the eartips directly in line with the natural axis of your ear canal. This natural fit is readily apparent the first time you put them on. Total comfort!

Our design works with the natural shape of the ear canal to locate the eartips so that they are doing only one job, sealing. Removal of the eartips, while not recommended, does not significantly hinder the GeM-1’s ability to remain stable and securely in position in your ears.  Try that with any other non-custom earphone.


Micro-Tip Dual-Seal Eartips

The proprietary geometry positions the eartips within the ear canal where the smaller-than-usual hypoallergenic silicone tips seal gently against the walls of the ear canal. Since the tips do not serve to retain the earbud in the ear, considerably less pressure is required.

This translates into far better comfort, no matter how long you wear them. The seal serves to maximize audio quality, reduce excessive ambient sound levels, and allows for lower volume settings... all kind to your ears.


Respect Outer Ear Geometry

The cone and hoop sections of the earbud are designed to conform to the natural shape of the outer ear. The slanted cone section fits perfectly within the tragus (that little flap in front of ear canal) positioning the driver as close to the ear canal as possible for best audio quality. Even the strain relief and cable exit the earbud at a compound angle to make sure that it fits better than any other earbud you've ever tried.


Dedicated L & R Earbuds

Most earbuds are physically identical from left to right, other than a small label to indicate left and right. The NeK-1 earbuds go way beyond that with dedicated left and right assemblies.

We could have compromised on the design but then they wouldn't be comfortable and wouldn't perform well. This is yet another example of the refinement you'll find throughout the product. And no need for a magnifying glass to read he little “L” or “R”.


Stability, Security, & Ease

The overall geometry results in an earbud that is inherently stable and secure in the ear without any need for clips, wedges, clamps, or oversized eartips that often cause pressure points and discomfort.

At the same time, inserting and removing them is simple and intuitive. The NeK-1 locates itself in the ear, the same way, every time, and cannot be over-inserted. Additionally, the flush design allows use under hats and helmets, remaining comfortable and secure even if external force is applied to the ear and earbud.


Wired Connectivity

Sometimes conforming to the status quo is a good thing, and in the case of connecting to all the myriad of media devices on the market, there is a solid standard that is the 3.5mm Audio Plug.

This 4-connector plug will allow your NeK-1 earphones to connect to just about any media player for audio, most Mobile phones for communication and audio, and most smartphones for audio, communication, and ambient awareness.

Audio  -  Speaker / Driver

-Type: Dynamic, Moving Coil, Neodymium Magnet

-Size: 6.0 mm

-Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

-Sound Pressure Level: 105dB @ 1kHz

-Impedance: 16ohms @ 1kHz

Communication & Ambient – Mics

-Type: Dual Condensers

-Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional

-Sensitivity: -38dB -+3dB @ 1kHz

-S/N Ratio: 62dB @ 1kHz

-Frequency Response: 200Hz - 15kHz

-Total Harmonic Distortion: 105dB SPL, <1% @100 dB SPL, <10% @ 115dB SPL

-Maximum Acoustic Input: 120 dB SPL

Hardware – Body

-Material: Aluminum, ABS

-Finish: Anodized, Paint – Soft Touch

-Nickel Free

Wired - 3.5mm Stereo Connector

-Type: TRRS (4 pole)

-Size: 3.5mm male (to device), 3.5mm male (to NeK-1)

-Finish: Gold plated

Power – Battery

-Type: Rechargable, Built-in, Lithium Ion Polymer, Prismatic

-Capacity: 150 mAh (typical)

-Voltage: 3.7V

-Talk Time: up to 18 hrs.

-Music Time: up to 18 hrs.

-Standby: up to 250 hrs.


-Charging Time: up to 2.5 hrs (empty to full)

-Connector / Port: USB Type A

-Battery Indicator lamp mode

Sealing - Micro-Tip Eartips

-Type: Double Flange


  • 6.0mm
  • 7.0mm
  • 8.0mm
  • 9.0mm
  • 10.0mm
  • 12.0mm

-Material: FDA Grade Silicone, Hypoallergenic

Cabling - Cord

-Type: Multi-Strand Copper, Multicore, Litz, Shielded

-Jacket Material: TPE, Hypoallergenic

-Overall Length: 485mm (19”) (Necklace), 235mm (9.3”)(Earphone), 760mm (30”) (Patch Cable)

Cabling - Clasp / Connector

-Connector Type: USB Type A (male), Slim, Gold plated contacts

-Clasp Retention: Self-Closing, Mechanical Interlock, Neodymium magnets, Safety Break-away

Included In The Box

-Micro-Tip Eartips: 1 pair each of sizes

  • 6.0mm
  • 7.0mm
  • 8.0mm
  • 9.0mm
  • 10.0mm
  • 12.0mm

-Micro-fiber Storage Bag

-Eartip Cleaning Tool

-Owner’s Manual


-1 year limited

Conformance Notices

-CE: This device complies with the requirements of R&TTE Directive 1999/5/CE, the European Community Directive 2006/95/EC and 93/68/EEC.

  • EN 300 328
  • EN 301 489-1/-17
  • EN 60950

-RoHS: This device meets the requirements of Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS)

-WEEE: This device meets the requirements of Directive 2002/96/EG Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

-Nickel Free: This device complies with the requirements of Nickel directive 94/27/EC

Stereo Audio

-Any media player with a 3.5mm audio socket/jack that supports 3 or 4 pole connectors.

-Works with all operating systems.


-Most portable and mobile phones with a 3.5mm socket/jack that supports a 4 pole connector.

-Works with all operating systems.

Ambient Awareness

-Universal. Built-In means it works independent of what device it is connected to.

All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.