-Pledge rewards are the same models as offered in the Selfstarter drive and are priced 25% to 36% off MSRP, depending on the pledge level. 

-Limit of 1 unit per model

-Use your Amazon account (through Kickstarter)

-Pledges are charged to your Amazon account upon successful completion of the Kickstarter pledge drive. 


-Reserve any of our models at 15% to 38% off MSRP, depending on volume (Limit of 50 units per model)

-Combine with Kickstarter pledge for potential 10% rebate

-Use your Amazon account 

-Reservations are charged to your Amazon account as follows: 30% deposit at time of reservation and the balance will only be charged just prior to the model(s) being shipped. 


-MORE SAVINGS: A futher 10% rebate will be credited for any models for which the same purchaser also has a confirmed pledge on Kickstarter (to be confirmed once Kickstarter drive succeeds). 

-MORE UNITS: Limit of 51 units per model (Pledge limit + Reservation limit)

-Use your Amazon account for both.