The story of GRiTworks really began long ago in 2006 when the original problem (read: opportunity) came to light. Like many others have, we experienced a pretty intense realization there just aren't any haedphones designed to be comfortable and functional outside of one's own living room. So after a few years of thought and planning, we began working in earnest in early 2009, seeking to find the best possible solutions to our problem. And the result has been the GRiT line of earphones and AMBi ACTIV Apps.

Today, GRiTworks, Inc. is an Illinois corporation and is manned by a tight but very diverse group and network of product and software designers, engineers, marketers, and business types who have a passion for putting technology to work in the real world. We know a successful endeavor requires a combination of aptitude, attitude, and heart and the individuals making up our team have a variety of backgrounds ranging from fresh perspectives straight out of school to seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience bringing successful products to market. Conceived here in the US but truly international in scope, our team hails from across the globe, including the US, Canada, Europe and China.

We are fortunate to have advisors who’ve seen it all, from start-ups to management of billion-dollar companies. 

Adding to these credentials is each individual’s desire to better integrate our digital world with our real life, everyday activities, with some members who are active runners, bicyclists, motorcyclists, endurance horse racers, musicians, audiophiles, and gamers. 

All these passions combine to make us better at what we do, keep it relevant to real life, and make sure it sees the light of day.