The vision of GRiT, AMBi, and GRiTworks, is to provide exciting, high quality audio to empower determined people active in their daily tasks and passions, through seemless integration of their real and digital worlds... "Ambient and Audio in Concert"




The Inspiration

GRiT and AMBi Technology were initially inspired back in 2006 by a fundamental frustration with personal audio in 3 very different environments.

  • Running/walking/cycling near or on public roads and not being unable to hear approaching traffic or communicate with others.
  • Riding motorcycles and bicycles, especially in a group, where noise levels would vary from extremely loud at speed to very quiet at a scenic overlook. Earplugs or isolating earphones were typically options used but once stopped or slowed down, these would impair one's ability to hear and communicate with their surroundings.  Riding partners quickly tired of being told to "speak up"!
  • At home, where using personal audio is great to avoid disturbing others, its use was fine until someone else needed to get your attention.  That could been spouse, kids, pets, or someone from outside knocking at the door or calling on the house phone.

The desire to use earphones was strong, but even stronger was the need to feel comfortable by maintaining the ability to hear and interact with the immediate environment. The world presents real challenges as we become a part of it and recognize that the only control we have is our actions and reactions to what happens around us. Being aware gives one a measure of control, confidence, and thus freedom to do what we want and need to do. 

Existing options required users to have to make a choice between quality audio and ambient or environmental awareness.  You could have one, but not the other, and thus came about the vision to develop a new technology and product line that delivers BOTH high quality audio and ambient awareness at the same time.

AMBi provides choices between quality audio OR ambient awareness OR both together without compromising either.

As is often the case, exploring the initial inspiration enlightened us to many of the other situations in our lives, and those of others where this vision is also relevant.  Some of those situations are being out in the great outdoors, playing musical instruments, office and industrial work environments, just to name a few. This will continue to drive the inspiration forward.

Now you can be an active participant in your environment, be better prepared to deal with what comes your way, and still enjoy the best in audio quality.