AMBi is the cutting edge family of technologies conceived and developed by GRiTworks that allows a person to hear and interact effectively with both their immediate, real world around them and the extended digital world of phones, internet and multimedia players.  Using interfaces that are as simple and intuitive as possible, users are able to tailor their attention and focus. Manipulating the absolute and relative volumes of the ambient and audio channels, users can create the best balance to suit just about any situation and activity they may find themselves in. Underlying all this is GRiTworks’ commitment to providing high performance stereo audio.


AMBi is driven by the same vision as that followed by GRiTworks and focuses on the design and development of the internal solutions that make GRiT earphones possible. The proprietary technologies encompass any combination of circuits, embedded software, and applications for today’s and tomorrow’s digital media and communication devices.

AMBi Technology currently offers 2 streams of products: 

-BUILT-IN: Design and development of autonomous wired and wireless technologies that operate with just about any media or communication device using industry standard connections.

-APPS: Design and development of software technologies to operate on the ever growing portable smartphone and tablet media and communication devices.

There is a clear synergy in these 2 pillars of AMBI technologies as they often cross over in functionality, and always strive to be in sync with the needs of the modern media user.

Lastly, the soft side of the technology is to keep it as hidden and unobtrusive as possible while seemlessly melding together both digital and real worlds.  Audio in Concert.