In order to ensure you're getting the most comfortable fit possible with GRiT's earbuds, take some time to familiarize yourself with the following steps.


Using the Earbud FiT System

1. Note that there are distinct left and right earbuds that are not interchangeable. Remember with each earbud that the "hoop" design should be relatively level and pointing towards the rear of the ear. The cable will then extend straight down as is most natural. If the hoop section is pointing downwards or upwards, you may need to adjust the positioning or switch which earbud goes in which ear. 

2. In order to get the right eartip size, start by installing the smallest Micro-TiP eartip on each earbud. As you place the earbuds in your ears, the Micro-TiP eartip will enter the ear canal until the earbud body seats into the outer ear cavity. It may seem like they go farther than typical earbuds, but don't worry, as that's part of the design.

3. Next you'll need to verify the seal of the eartips in each ear to make sure you're using the right eartip size. One effective and easy sealing test method is to snap or rub your fingers together next to each ear and listen to hear if the sound is muffled. If you can't hear any noise, then you've achieved the proper seal. If you can still hear clearly, proceed to the next step.

4. For each ear that is not yet sealed, install the next larger size eartip and repeat seal test from the previous step above. Note that the eartip sizes may be different for each ear depending on the person.

5. Enjoy your crisp, clear, and properly-sealed earphones. 

Caution: Always use the smallest Micro-TiP eartip that creates an audio seal and do not force eartips into ear canals.  If pain or discomfort occurs during or after insertion, discontinue use immediately and seek a professional medical opinion.