Instead of just isolating your ears from ambient sound like all other earphones do, AMBi turns ambient sound into a signal stream and mixes it with the music from your player to create one seemless sound channel. You control the balance between them to suit your environment, activity and preference.


Different AMBi powered products work in different ways:

GeM Wired Earphones

These high quality earphones have two microphones to ensure normal all-around ambient sound pickup. In conjunction with our app in your smart device, this ambient sound is mixed with whatever audio you are listening to. The same equalization of the signal as applied to your audio is applied to the ambient, and the resulting combined audio-ambient signal is fed back to the earphone drivers.

NeK Bluetooth & Wired Earphones

A similar thing happens in the Bluetooth version, except that all the processing is done inside the Bluetooth pendent and no app is required.


  • Excellent audio quality for music, voice and ambient sounds.
  • Balance of ambient sound versus music is user adjustable to meet your specific needs and desires.
  • Hear and interact with people and environment.
  • Hear and interact with media players and cell phones.
  • Annoying sudden loud ambient sounds are limited.
  • Physically unobtrusive.