The GRiTworks line of products is full of technology and design innovations created to make earphones more comfortable, secure, visually appealing, and useful in nearly every situation and environment. With years of testing, development, and refinement, GRiTworks can offer truly unique earphones that feature a wide array of innovating technologies and designs.

You'll notice most of our innovations as soon as you hold your first set of GRiT earphones, but for those still on the fence about ther first purchase or genuinely curious what our earphones have to offer, just keep reading.    


Innovating Technologies 

  • Ambient Interaction: This is the technology which allows you to connect simultaneously to both your real and digital worlds, never having to compromise when it comes to quality and utility. Read more about Ambient Interaction.
  • Earbuds: Instead of relying on clips, clamps, wedges or plugs, the unique design conforms and capitalizes on your ear’s natural shapes and geometry to result in an earbud that finally feels like it belongs in your ear. Read more about Earbuds.
  • NeK Pendent: This pendent takes an "Un-Tech" approach as the only necklace system that is treated like jewelry and not hardware, bringing standards from the watch industry into the world of earphones. Read more about the NeK Pendent.
  • NeK Clasp: The clasp on the NeK series of earphones solves a complex set of electrical and mechanical problems with a simple and intuitive solution. Read more about the NeK Clasp.
  • Cables: Cables are on the leading edge of micro-cable technology,  they seem basic from the outside, but inside are marvels of design. Read more about Cables

Innovations like the ones featured in GRiT's line of earphones take hard work, dedication, and creativity. All of which have been poured into each and every design and production decision along the way. We sought to create earphones that innovate for the sake of usability, comfort, and visual appeal. GRiT's innovating technologies help to create some of the most unique and enjoyable earphones available.